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Rudolf Budja Gallery

GENERATION XY group-show

Rudolf Budja Galerie present you a group-show with young international
emerging artists at this year „Easter-Festivals“:

Wulf Treu
Kris Kind
Edward Crowell II
Nina Levett
Margherita Marzotto
Jona Cerwinske
Heidi Popovic

Leuchtfeuer, Kris Kind

Generation-XY @ Rudolf Budja Galerie


Kris Kinds Krisbaum

Verhaftung, Rudolf Budja and Kris Kind

Lebe wie du willst, Kris Kind

Illegaler Nuttentransport, Kris Kind


Rudolf Budja Galerie Salzburg

Marzotto and Kris Kind

High-Five, Kris Kind

Kris Kinds Krisbaum, 2014

Kris Kind, Nina Levett and Wulf Treu

Kris Kind @ Rudolf Budja Galerie, Austria


Margherita Marzotto

Konsumentin, Kris Kind

Wulf Treu, Kris Kind, Margherita Marzotto

Kris Kind and Nina Levett

Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske and Kris Kinds Krisbaum

Jona Cerwinske

iPad, Kris Kind

Hotdancer, Kris Kind

Heidi Popovic and Andy Warhol

heaven and hell, Kris Kind

Edward Crowell II

Edward Crowell II

Blue Room @ Rudof Budja Galerie, Salzburg

Bar @ Rudolf Budja Galerie

Nina Levett

Wulf Treu

Wulf Treu

The Holy Bank Manager, Kris Kind

Selbstmordattentäter, Kris Kind

Regulator, Kris Kind

Regulator, Kris Kind @ Rudolf Budja Galerie

Heidi Popovic and Kris Kind

Papst Gregor, Kris Kind

Margherita Marzotto

Schrei,Margherita Marzotto

Wulf Treu

Mehr Wunsch Als Sein, Kris Kind

Skulptur, Wulf Treu

Working Poor, Kris Kind

War i´m Lovin It, Kris Kind

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